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Choral Favourites

Principal Conductor: Dominic Neville
Associate Conductor: Alex Thacker 

In addition to Hadyn’s Missa Brevis Sancti de Deo (the ‘Little Organ Mass’) and Vivaldi’s Gloria, this performance included Parry’s Blest Pair of Sirens and I was Glad, Monteverdi’s Beatus Vir, and Handel’s Coronation Anthem My Heart is Indicting.

LCCS deputy conductor Alex Thacker led the Vivaldi and LCCS chorister Naomi Morgan sang the solos. A number of other choristers (Anne-Marie Adamson, Helen Gale, Sarah Griffiths, Caroline Hazel, Sarah Jenkins Welch, Helen Lloyd, David Allen, David Felce, Peter Fernando, Billy Harpin, Ben Tomlin and Simon Smail) formed a semi-chorus.

The instrumental ensemble was led by Christiana Mavron and comprised of Lydia Marshall, Elin Parry, Rachel Cresswell, Elizabeth Graham, Huw Griffiths, Michael Iles and John Cheer.




Performance Date
Concert PDF
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