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Bach St John Passion

This special performance of the St.John Passion was given on Passion Sunday and under the baton of Owain Arwel Hughes and with the orchestra Camerata Cymru.

LCCS’s Musical Director, Dominic Neville, sang the role of the Evangelist, Ben Tomlin that of Christ, and Romanas Kudriasovas Pilate. Alexandra Steiner sang soprano and Christie Cook mezzo. Additional soloists for the recitatives were Alex Thacker, James Bingham, Nicole Boardman and Carwyn Harries. Robert Court played continuo.

Conductor/Arweinydc: Owain Arwe Hughes CBE 

Passion Sunday, 22 March, 6:00pm Sul y Dioddefaint, 22 Mawrth, 6:OOyh Liandaff Cathedral / Eglwys Gadeiriol Liandaf 

Camerata Wales I Cymru Llandaff Cathedral Choral Society
Chorus Master / Corwsfeister: Dominic Seville

Soloists of the Wales International Academy of Voice
Director / Cycorwycklwr: Dennis O'Neill CBE 

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