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Haydn The Creation

Haydn The Creation at Llandaff Cathedral 7, Saturday 14 November 

Soprano: Catherine Bott
Tenor: Paul Badley
Bass: Owain Browne
Leader: David Lewis
Conductor: Dominic Neville

Hadyn’s Creation was first performed in Vienna in April 1798 at a private performance at the Schwarzenberg Palace, though its public premiere was not until the following March, a grand performance that broke all records for ticket sales in Vienna at that time.

The programme for the LCCS performance in 2015 suggested that ‘The Creation is amongst the best-known musical embodiments of Enlightenment ideals, most obviously in its celebration of light, but also as an evocation of a benevolent, rational and well-ordered universe and its essentially positive view of humanity’.

Classic FM’s Catherine Bott again appeared as soprano soloist, together with tenor Paul Badley and bass Owaine Browne.  The orchestra was led by David Lewis

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