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Winter Legends

Ellie Martin:Soprano

Kirstie Miller: Cello

Phil May: Piano

Ian Lawson: Flute

This virtual concert, performed during the COVID-19 crisis, was a collaboration between LCCS and friends from the Cavatina choir (Penarth) and Cheltenham Choral Society- all of which were conducted by Alex Thacker. The concert was comprised of entirely of original pieces from three composers within the LCCS ranks- Ben Heneghan, Ian Lawson and Alex himself.

The programme was as follows:

Winter Legends Suite (Heneghan):Red and White, The Pilgrim and the Amethyst, A Spell for Snow, The Snow Goose Song

Christmas Bells, Cradle Song, O Christmas Day (Lawson)

A Babe is Born, Cantemus in Coro (Thacker)

The entire concert was made available here: -  having been superbly edited by the LCCS Deputy Chair, Caroline Lynch-Blosse

Performance Date